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Islamic Emirate

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kookaburra cricket bats english willow,As of now, a total of 250 Daesh affiliates have surrendered to the Islamic Emirate in the last two months, Bashir said referring to ISIS by its alternate name. He further clarified that all those who surrendered have been pardoned by the Taliban, but strict action could be taken against them if they try to create trouble again. Meanwhile, a Nasir Momand, a tribal elder said that all Daesh members take an oath and whoever break his commitment, villagers set his house on fire.  If they try to bother the people and create insecurity or fight against the Islamic Emirate, their houses will be set on fire and they will be kicked out of the country,” Momand told TOLO news.

ISIS-Khorasan and the Taliban have been engaged in a gruesome battle for power in Afghanistan. Since the Taliban’s takeover, ISIS had launched several strikes in-country including two major explosions last month.,2018 intercontinental cup

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In an explosive claim, the ISIS-K earlier said that its hardline objective was to implement Sharia law and punish those who defied the Quran. "Our first target is to destroy Pakistan because the main reason for everything in Afghanistan is Pakistan,” Kabul’s Knewz quoted Nazifullah, a member of ISIS-K as saying. The latter also accused the Taliban of "destroying the country" and claimed Afghanistan has gone from bad to worse ever since the terrorist group took control of the nation. "We want to implement Sharia Law. We want to implement the way our Prophet was living, the way he was clothed, the dressing hijab was there. Currently, we do not have much to fight. But, if you give me anything, I am going to fight Pakistan now," an ISIS-K member said. ,tennisverein vaihingen stuttgart

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