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Third, the two main serves used in volleyball are top spin and float serves. If you are serving with your closed fist I recommend trying to learn a float serve. Just stick your hand out like your saying stop, and put your arm back, swing at the ball and hit it with the lower palm of your hand. But serving with a closed fist

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Using your hand with a closed fist, swing your arm in a pendulum motion to hit the ball. Swing your arm with your palm facing up and your thumb facing out. Don’t wind your arm up very far prior to the swing; bring it back the same distance as you have to swing forward.

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You need a lot of strength to get your serve over the net. * Keep a firm hand. If you have floppy fingers the ball won't go as far. * If you are having trouble, ask a coach or an older, more skilled volleyball player to help you and critique your serve. * A common mistake that girls (and guys) make is to hit the ball with their fist.

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You can spike with a closed fist, it is legal, but not recommended. When you hit with a closed fist, you don’t have as much control over the ball. When you’re hitting with an open hand you have a much larger flat surface to work with in making contact with the ball.

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Serving Terminology. An underhand serve is a volleyball serve in which the ball is given a slight under-hand toss from about waist high and then struck with a closed fist by the opposite hand. The underhand serve is usually the first type of serve taught to a beginning player in youth volleyball .

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Every play in a volleyball game starts with a serve. But that doesn’t mean that ever serve has to be a nice and easy start to the play. The serve is actually a very strategic opportunity to throw your opponent off their game, and to try to keep the momentum of the play to your team’s advantage.

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According to rule 12.4.1 of the Official Volleyball Rules ‘the ball shall be hit with one hand or any part of the arm after being tossed or released from the hand (s).’. In another way of saying you can serve it however you like provided you hit it with one hand.